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B1A4 – What’s Going On [4th Mini Album]

 [EP] 비원에이포 – 이게 무슨 일이야

RElease Date: 2013.05.06

B1A4 won over many new fans last year with their hit song “Tried to Walk” and their impressive performance on Immortal Song 2. Their fourth mini-album continues B1A4′s distinctive and youthful style with five new tracks. The members again participated in the songwriting for the album. Leader Jin Young composed “What’s Going On” and Good Love, which is co-written with Baro and CNU. The album also features the emotional R&B pop song Yesterday and the closing track “A Few Times,” which stands out with its melancholic piano melody and house rhythm.

Track List:
01. 별빛의 노래 (Starlight’s Song)
02. 이게 무슨 일이야 (What’s Going On?)
03. Yesterday
04. Good Love
05. 몇 번을 (How Many Times)

01. Starlight’s Song

02. What’s Going On?

03. Yesterday

04. Good Love

05. How Many Times


B1A4 回歸概念照:攻燦

B1A4 燦多

B1A4 振永
B1A4 回歸概念照:Baro

B1A4 回歸概念照:CNU

B1A4 回歸概念照:CNU、振永
B1A4 回歸概念照:Baro & 燦多
B1A4 振永 燦多

B1A4 振永 燦多

B1A4 回歸概念照:攻燦 & CNU